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Tainted Grail describes a Dark Fantasy universe inspired by the Arthurian legend and Celtic culture and folklore. Tainted Grail: the fall of Avalon is a famous and successful board game created by Awaken Realms in 2019 which then was adapted into video games and lately a table top roleplaying game in collaboration with Studio Agate, Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World.

Tainted Grail: the role-playing game

Avalon fell 100 years ago. Now it's your turn to write the story in this table top roleplaying game!

Forced to flee the Continent because of a deadly plague known as the Red Death, the legendary King Arthur and his people once found a new home on the island of Avalon. However, this was no hospitable haven: humanity had to fight for its survival against the forces of the Wyrdness - a primordial power that can alter matter and the mind - and the Foredwellers - four-armed titans and the island's original inhabitants. A century ago, a terrible cataclysm named The Fall of Avalon struck a blow to the vulnerable forces of humanity. What remains of humanity's descendants live scattered around the island, striving to survive and regain its former splendor.

In Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World, your characters are destined to become the legendary "Guardians of Avalon", a group of individuals marked by Arthur's power and meant to defend humanity in difficult times against the island's forces.

Game System

Tainted Grail: song of a Dying World uses the Story Arc system, an upgraded version of the award-winning Shadows of Esteren's game system as well as elements specific to the board game.


Survive the Wyrdness and its effects while facing the creatures of the island, including the legendary Foredwellers. Beware, as Avalon is a gritty and merciless environment.

Explore Avalon

Explore the island of Avalon in a brand new way, and discover its mysteries lost in Wyrdness thanks to rich and detailed descriptions and extensive lore about the land.

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Tainted-Grail adventurers