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Introduction to Tainted Grail by Studio Agate

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🇬🇧 Studio Agate and Awaken Realms announce Tainted Grail Tabletop Roleplaying Game set in the world of Avalon.

Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World introduces you to a ruthless, melancholy universe inspired by Arthurian legends and Celtic culture and folklore.

Forced to flee the Continent because of a deadly plague known as the Red Death, the legendary King Arthur and his people once found a new home on the island of Avalon. However, this was no hospitable haven: humanity had to fight for its survival against the forces of the Wyrdness - a primordial power that can alter matter and the mind - and the Foredwellers - four-armed titans and the island’s original inhabitants. A century ago, a terrible cataclysm named The Fall of Avalon struck a blow to the vulnerable forces of humanity. What remains of humanity’s descendants live scattered around the island, striving to survive and regain its former splendor.

In Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World, your characters are destined to become the legendary “Guardians of Avalon”, a group of individuals marked by Arthur’s power and meant to defend humanity in difficult times against the island’s forces.

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The Game System of Tainted Grail

Play as one of the last survivors of humanity after a terrible cataclysm, and learn to survive and face the dangers of the mysterious island of Avalon, the Wyrdness and the colossal Foredwellers.
Tainted Grail TTRPG will use an upgraded version of the Shadows of Esteren game system as well as elements specific to the board game. The Tainted Grail TTRPG system will provide the players with tools to develop and understand their character’s emotions and behavior by focusing on their individual, moral, and human journey through Narrative arcs. The game promotes immersion and roleplay, as each character benefits from a dedicated Ascension system, leading them (or not) to embrace their inner power and become one of the Guardians of Avalon.

The Shadows of Esteren system also aims to capture the danger of armed confrontation. Although invested with singular power and promised to grand destinies, the characters remain vulnerable: any fight can prove fatal. Players are encouraged to spend time weighing the outcome of a potential encounter and stay on the side of caution and strategy when engaging in combat. The island of Avalon is an unforgiving place, where death and the Wyrdness reign over. Only through teamwork and bravery will the Characters overcome the countless threats that await them.

Tainted Grail - Join us on Gamefound!

The crowdfunding campaign will take place on a single platform: Gamefound! To be clear: this campaign will take place not on Kickstarter, but on Gamefound only. You can already access the page via this link.

This campaign will run from February 13th to March 8th.

You can subscribe to the Tainted Grail Gamefound page to get an exclusive collector item as a gift for the launch, and which will please all the Tainted Grail board game's community.

This choice of platform presents several perks:

  •   The possibility of providing the campaign in several languages (French and English in this case), allowing for sleeker, less cumbersome organization and navigation!
  •   The availability of the “Stretch Pay” option to split your purchase into several payments, which is always a welcome convenience!
  •   A familiar environment for fans of the Tainted Grail board game and the Awaken Realms community as a whole.

📝 You can subscribe to the Gamefound page right now to enjoy gifts and previews of the reward tiers, as well as join polls that will allow us to tailor-make this campaign for its community. See you there!

Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World will be available on Gamefound from February 13 to March 8, 2024. To subscribe to the page and make sure you don't miss the launch, click here!

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