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Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World is the tabletop RPG adaptation of the acclaimed board game Tainted Grail.

Crowdfunding will take place on Gamefound from February 13 to March 8, 2024. You can register on the page to make sure you don't miss the launch by clicking here.

This article is the fourth and the last in a series designed to introduce you to the game and its specifics.

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Board Game Links

Tainted Grail: the role-playing game lets you discover and experience a new chapter in the history of Avalon. Set one hundred years after the events of the first The Fall of Avalon board game, Song of a Dying World maintains close links with its predecessor, and continues the narrative begun in the board games. Players familiar with the universe will be able to continue their epic journey, reinvesting in a familiar game setting that has been profoundly transformed in the wake of the cataclysm.

This connection is not limited to a few evocations and references to the island's mythical past: it is embodied in a new system, the Creation of Avalon, which allows leaders and players to create their own version of the island. During a collaborative session, participants can retrace the thread of the past, through a chronicle read in less than an hour, and mediate - at regular intervals and using voting tokens - certain founding moments in the island's history. Through their choices, players will be able to reshape the fabric of the past and shape the present world, creating a whole new version of the island of Avalon. Their decisions will have far-reaching repercussions on the future game, enabling them to precipitate the fall of prosperous cities, the disappearance, or preservation, of centuries-old orders of chivalry, or even to bring peoples closer together or make them loathe each other. Each decision is accompanied by consequences - positive and negative - that are sure to affect your game, as well as allowing your players to witness the repercussions of their decisions.

Session 0 and the Creation of Avalon are also complemented by an optional Bargaining phase, which further refines these choices. Thanks to a card-swapping system, players can further personalize the game, conceding certain cards to the leader in exchange for valuable resources that they can invest in the creation of the group. But beware! Each card grants powerful tools to the leader, who can use them at will to energize the story or complicate the task of the characters, exposed to the unforgiving perils of the island.

All these elements, supported by easy-to-understand and easy-to-use rules modules, allow for the organic creation of the world of Avalon, while strengthening the bonds between players and offering a unique vision of the island, more than ever the heir to its history.

Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World will be available on Gamefound from February 13 to March 8, 2024. To subscribe to the page and make sure you don't miss the launch, click here!

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